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Long ago, in forest. There was an animal who lived alone. He was an ant. The ant had a friend he was an elephant. They both had fun and helped each other. Suddenly some day there was a group tigers that wanted to attack the ant. Ant run with fear. Ant was getting far from tiger that wanted to attack it . But the tiger still chased ant with   hard voice.Nggawhuu…..

When the tiger was trying to catch the ant, An elephant that had tall, big, and braves stopped the tiger but his leg was shaking. The elephant was helping ants from the pursuit of the tiger. Elephants stopped tigers and ant hidden directly behind the elephant. Immediately direct the elephant said “do not attack and disturb the ant he’s my friend.The tiger even goes by fear . Finally the elephant and that ant life with comfortable without discomfitedby animal other.

The next day , the ants would find a food in the forest. Suddenly alimentary one is being looked for that ant there is that have. He was the crocodile . Ant does not know that the food there is that have. Angry crocodile, when he saw the missing food . He’s looks for until far .Finally , the crocodile saw an ant taking in food . Here after, the crocodile run after ant and again coming elephant suddenly to help ants . Elephant said ” sorry this ant does not know that this food has a crocodile “. Crocodile said ” so be it . was not anything . Any others times not repeated ” . Ant said ” yes crocodile . sorry ” . Later , the crocodile went and returned to their habitat .

The next day , the ants want to drink at the river . Ant went to the river to drink . Middle of the journey , suddenly there was a snake exactly hungried want foraging . He saw ants walk alone . Instantaneous direct snake chasing ants .Ant ran to get away from the pursuit of ants .While runs ant think” I should , tried make something that the snake was trapped . And also I had to try it without the help of the elephant . Elephant has been helping me till 2 times ” . Finally, the ant was hidden and immediately set a trap . Snake was confused seeing ants suddenly disappeared . Snake thinking ” where the flight of the ants ? ” . Snakes do not despair . The snake continued to look for ants .When the snake goes several steps . Exposed to snakes turns of ant trap . Ants make holes so that the snake will not be able to return .

After seeing the snake exposed trap of ants. Ant went back to his house and then also there is an elephant. Ant said”I was chased by a snake”. The elephant asked “how, nobody gets hurt”. Ant was countered answered “No. I could make a snake trap so it can not come after me”. Finally, ants and elephants live comfortable and happy.

Message :

We to have following attitude from the an ant. And we also to have following attitude from gajah because the an elephant very breaf for help his friend that is an ant. Attitude all that very good deep lived everyday.


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